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is a diversified holding company; with interests and operations in the skills development training sector, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism industry.

Kwindla is  a  proudly women-led organisation. Kwindla's business operations are hinged on three basic principles: smart solutions, Innovation and sustainability.
Our vision is to become the premier black-owned company, with the goal of attracting, developing, motivating and retaining a diverse workforce in a supportive business and working environment.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Assessment of RPL
Do you have experience, skills and knowledge? What about getting qualified? Talk to a specialist at Kwindla Institute about our assessment of prior learning service.

Valuing skills attained in work and life
People learn valuable skills and knowledge while working, living in the community and through volunteer work. Kwindla Institute can evaluate whether certain skills and knowledge you've attained can be formally recognised and credited towards a relevant qualification.

Get a head start on a formal qualification
If you're seeking to get ahead in your career, and believe you have attained valuable skills that could be credited towards a qualification, it's possible that you wouldn't need to give up work or your time to attend training for things you already know.

The process
Chat with one of our friendly specialists
Self-assess your skills and knowledge, and determine what Kwindla Institute qualification these could relate to.
Apply for the Kwindla Institute assessment of prior learning service (a fee applies)
Collect evidence of your relevant skills, knowledge and experience
Undergo formal assessment with Kwindla Institute staff member to evaluate the evidence you've provided. Your skills may be tested (eg laboratory, kitchen or workshop skills), and you may have a professional conversation about the knowledge you bring.
Download the Kwindla Institute Assessment of Prior Learning booklet.

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